What this business is
SYDLE is a global technology company originated in Brazil and present in over 80 countries with an all-in-one platform, from CRM to Energy Management.
SYDLE's purpose is to help companies from different sectors with an integrated process management, aiming for more efficiency and effectiveness, whether in the management of people and internal resources, or in customer management and Marketing and Sales.
What I did at this company
Brand and Visual Design for Growth, Sales and Employer Branding
How I did it
At SYDLE, I worked across multiple teams (Growth Marketing, Sales and Employer Branding) to help manage and maintain brand speech, as well as create materials aimed at attracting and retaining employees and customers, such as visual content for social media and blog, ebooks, sales presentations and brand gifts.
I managed several existing and created numerous new brand assets, as well as producing visual solutions focused on the growth of organic and sponsored channels in the Marketing context. Additionally, I managed Employer Branding and Sales demands and projects, building on-brand materials to achieve their specific goals.
Tools I used in this experience
Figma, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, After Effects and Google Presentations

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