What this business is
Luis Vieira is a luxury jewelry brand based in the United States. Its purpose is to celebrate moments and loved ones through delicate pieces of jewelry inspired by contemporary life.
What I did for this brand
Brand strategy, Brand and Visual Design
How I did it
I worked directly with the brand's founder from the start to define purpose, values, vision, mission, positioning, target audience, global style, competitive differentials brand's voice and tones, editorial principles and iconography.
Moreover, I was also responsible for creating the logo and the brand identity and designing institutional materials, packaging, website and media items. The entire identity is inspired by Art Déco through its straight lines, curved geometry, symmetry, patterns and metallic effects.
Both the logo and the coat of arms are means to honor “Vieira”, the founder's family name that comes from the Portuguese translation for “scallop”.
The logo comes in its main form as a three-color version with a gradient on the symbol and in a one-color version for cases of color limitation. In the meantime, the coat of arms appears as a secondary signature to be used in commemorative communication, packaging and brand gifts.
Tools I used in this experience
Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Firefly and Figma
Luis Vieira, at the present time, is intended to the public of men in the age group between 30s and 60s, mostly in the United States and in Brazil. Within this audience, the focus group is the profile of “trendsetters” - people with high purchasing power, culture background and knowledge, as well as selective tastes.
Brand style
1. Art Deco, under the influence of Cubism;
2. Detailed, authentic and unusual;
3. Robust features and expressive lines;
4. Slow Design and Production;
5. High quality finish.
Brand's voice
The overall tone of the brand is sophisticated, contemporary and clean, meanwhile with a touch of flamboyance characteristic of Art Deco.
It is essential to obey the following guidelines in every production of internal and external, advertising, commercial and partnership communications:
1. Elegant, contemporary, fluid, authentic, always optimistic and positive communication;
2. Contrast between simplicity and extravagance;
3. Luxuriousness, striking presence and sense of exclusivity;
4. Communication based on stories, use of storybrand and storytelling;
5. Always present connection with memories and emotional bonds.
Design choices
As an elegant and sophisticated brand, the layouts must contain only few elements:
1. Small volume of text, especially when applied over images;
2. Photographs that use plenty of light and shadow, creating dramatic scenarios that highlight the shapes and materials of the jewelry pieces;
3. The logo must be (except in rare cases) centered at the top or bottom edge of the graphic pieces or, if the intention is to make the logo the most hierarchical information on the piece, it can be positioned on the vertical and horizontal center.

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